1. The Basic Bitch Epitaph. 2014.

  3. BANG! Self-Portrait. 2014. 

  4. BANG! Self-Portrait. 2014. 

  5. BANG! Self-Portrait. 2014. 

  6. BANG! Self-Portrait. 2014. 


  7. The Cabin on The Ranch

    This past weekend I spent a night at my friend’s cabin on a ranch outside of town. There were for of us there, all removed from the overwhelming aspects of living in the modern age. No cell service, no cable and no internet! We sat and talked for hours, looks at the stars, ate Chinese food until our pants were tight, played with horses, enjoyed the nature, and reconnected with ourselves and each other. 

    I almost threw a tantrum when I left because leaving sounded like a punishment. I want to go back this instant. ​

    When I did get back, I felt so calm and at peace. I still feel that day 3 days later. ​

    My life is beautiful and it’s slowly falling into place. ​


  8. Good things.

    I’ve been looking into taking some online photography courses (because hey, why not!), when I stumbled upon MatadorU. 

    At first I was skeptical, as I should be. MatadorU costs $350 for the travel photo course. MatadorU also has a travel writing and filmmaking course at the same prices, although when bundled the courses are cheaper. 

    I researched into MatadorU and didn’t find anything overwhelmingly negative or overwhelming positive (as in too good to be true). Everyone seemed happy with their experience and some even received jobs from it. So, the worst thing that could happen was I would lose $350 and not learn a thing or the best thing that could happen was I would spend $350 and learn everything I could and then some! So I went for it. 

    After signing up, I surfed the site. I really loved the social networking aspect of MatadorU. You could follow other students and faculty, and also see their work. MatadorU is very interactive, which is AWESOME.

    The assignments/chapters are self paced.  Since I work full time and am starting my photography business full time, the self paced nature of MatadorU is great. At work during breaks and downtime I can read the chapters online, and map out my work for the assignment. 

    Chapter 1’s assignment was at first intimidating because I had to write…a bio… Writing a bio is so scary to me I put it off for several days. I did write it, and I do hate it. That will never change. Haha. Chapter 1’s assignment also called for “why does photography intrigue you” letter, two photo essays of four photos each, and 4 of your best photos so far. I completed the rest with ease and clicked submit. Little did I know that assignment would lead to exciting opportunities for me! 

    The next day the student newsletter came out and my photo was the featured photo! I had submitted “Queen For A Day” as part of the 4 best photos so far, and it see selected for the newsletter. Very exciting! Also, a faculty asked me to be a part of an article on Matador about why we should revive the “self-portrait” (not selfie, big difference). 

    So this just goes to show no opputunity is small or big, but all opputunities happen when you take risks. 

    So far my money has been well spent. 

    I even learned a thing or two! :)  


    My photo on the MatadorU newsletter! 

  9. Of Home by Marshall Granger.

    I photographed the set/locations as well as do my own take of the video through my photos. Check out the video. Share. Love. Enjoy. 

  10. Keep Yourself. 2014. 

  11. Keep Yourself. 2014. 

  12. Keep Yourself. 2014.

  13. Keep Yourself. 2014. 

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  15. On Sunday I emailed a bunch of studios and galleries in Billings regarding on how to submit art work if their website did not explain how. I thought it would be a long shot and that most places would not respond (or the responses would take forever). Well, I was pleasantly surprised when Underground Culture Krew, and Toucan both responded. Although Toucan is not taking submissions at this time, Mark gave me the nicest compliment that totally made my year. I am meeting with Underground Culture Krew this Thursday. I’m going to make this shit happen no matter what. Come at me life. Come. At. Me.